Topic outline

    • Time: < 2h
    • Language: English, Hungarian
    • Access: Free
    • Level: Intermediate

  • Introduction of the training

    The training material aims to show the user the full scale of LabVIEW™ graphical programming language capabilities for communication on the local network from a low level to the protocol level through case studies and applications. The focus is kept on the control of a mobile robot.

    Attendees will learn how to implement communication protocols to communicate between devices on the local network. Attendees will also learn the best practices on how to integrate communication algorithms as software components (modules) into a complex application.

    Attendees of the training can develop the following skills: implementing UDP communication and implementing TCP/IP communication.

    After the training, the user will be able to develop and implement communication algorithms as standalone software or as a software module.

    This training is organized in workshops using presentation techniques and hands-on lessons with a Q&A section at the end of the workshops.

  • Key Users / Stakeholders

    Universities, Research Institutes, Students, Technology  Providers, System Integrators.

  • Requirements

    Basic understanding of LabVIEW™ graphical programming language.

    Equivalent knowledge of LabVIEW Core 1 & 2.

    Courses available on NI website.

  • Training Part 1, 2

  • Training Part 3