Topic outline

  • Time: 1h
    Language: English
    Access: Free
    Level: Intermediate

  • Introduction of the Training

    Augmented reality based interfaces can increase the human operator awareness, safety and capabilities during a human-robot collaboration task in a shared workspace.

    Presented software module creates and visualises a dynamic safety hull around the robot as 3D holograms which are visualised using a wearable display, in this case Microsoft HoloLens. Additional user-defined interface components can be created and projected to the workspace as 3D holograms.

    This training module will introduce the benefits of this technology, used hardware and software modules and the connections between these components.

    The presented modules has been proven functional at TRL6. However as the technology was build based on commercial AR hardware no longer supported, the further development of this technology has been suspended. The training material can still be used as inspiration and introduction to used technology that could be modified to work with modern AR equipment as well.

  • Key Users/Stakeholder

    System integrators and production automation professionals interested in improving the flexibility of human robot collaboration.

  • Requirements

    Basic understanding on human robot collaboration in production environments.

  • Training Part 1

    The following video presents the proposed module when used as part of a research project. For the full published paper, please visit ScienceDirect.

  • Training Part 2

  • Training Part 3