Topic outline

    • Time: < 2h
    • Language: English
    • Access: Free
    • Level: Intermediate
  • Introduction of the training

    This module provides a guideline to select a suited vision system for optical quality assurance applications. It describes the selection process including all factors that have to be considered. This includes aspects such as component size and geometry, tolerances, time needed for data analysis, software interfaces and usability of control and evaluation software. This module will support the participant’s process of selection and implementing an appropriate vision system. The guideline gives an overview and an explanation of the factors, which have to be taken into account while selecting a vision system. The module discusses briefly possible camera arrangements.

    The training consists of the following aspects:
    • Selection of suited vision system
    • Implementation of vision system

  • Key Users / Stakeholders

    Manufacturing SMEs, technology providers / system integrators, end users

  • Requirements

    Basic knowledge of vision systems, basic knowledge of robot programming (if vision system is used for robot path planning)

  • Training Parts 1, 2, 3