Topic outline

    • Time: < 1h
    • Language: English
    • Access: Free
    • Level: Intermediate
  • Introduction of the training

    When deploying a reconfigurable fixturing system to mount a set of different workpieces, it is necessary to determine optimal locations and postures of the hardware elements from which a fixturing system is constructed. This module provides an optimization procedure for the determination of optimal layouts for fixturing systems built from Stewart platforms. A MATLAB framework for optimizing the layout is presented and examples are given.

  • Key Users / Stakeholders

    This training is intended to participants from an industrial background. The participants are using or intend to use reconfigurable fixtures in an agile manufacturing environment.

  • Requirements

    Passive reconfigurable fixtures,  tool exchange system, robot with payload ≥ 4 kg, workpiece CAD models or specifications, computer with MATLAB. The optimal locations and postures of reconfigurable fixtures determination software is closed source and licensing fees are to be negotiated.

  • Training part 1

  • Training part 2

  • Training part 3

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