Topic outline

    • Time < 1h
    • Language: English
    • Access: Free
    • Level: Intermediate
  • Introduction of the Training

    The module uses a KUKA robot to perform metal additive manufacturing of thin wall structures using TIG welding. It uses the simulation program Visual Components as a programming interface and allows for advanced programming functions/commands to be executed on the KUKA robot and rotary table.

    These videos will showcase how you can use a standard industrial robot arm for 3D printing with robot welding. The videos will also show how you can use a simulation software to automatically generate programs for the physical robot.

    The key learning from this module is:
    • Showcase how you can 3D print with robotic welder

    The user will develop skills in:
    • 3D printing with welding robot
    • Showcase how wire arc additive manufacturing works

  • Key Users / Stakeholders

    University/Research Institute/Students, Manufacturing SMEs, Developers

  • Requirements

    The user should be familiar with:
    • Simulation software in this case Visual Components
    • Beneficial to have experience with the OPC UA server
    • Some experience with robot control with an external computer

  • Training Part 1

    Integrator version

  • Training Part 2

  • Training Part 3