Topic outline

    • Time: 1h
    • Language: English
    • Access: Free
    • Level: Intermediate

  • Introduction of the training

    Projected user interface can increase the human operator awareness, safety and capabilities during a human-robot collaboration in a shared workspace. This software module creates and visualises a dynamic safety border around the robot using a standard projector installed to the ceiling. In addition, user-defined interface components can be created and projected to the workspace.

    This training module will introduce the presented system and the benefits it can provide to HRC applications. Used hardware and software modules and their connections will be briefly introduced.

  • Key Users / Stakeholders

    System integrators and production automation professionals interested in improving the flexibility of human robot collaboration.

  • Requirements

    Basic understanding on human robot collaboration in production environments.

  • Training Part 1

    Integrator version

  • Training Part 2

  • Training Part 3