Topic outline

  • Time: < 2h
    Language: English
    Access: Free
    Level: Intermediate

  • Introduction of the Training

    The AR-based Operator support module aims to increase human operator safety awareness, during human-robot collaborative assembly tasks.

    Through the training for the AR-based Operator support module, the participant will be exercised in setting up and integrating an Augmented Reality application to support operators that work in hybrid, human-robot collaborative industrial environments. The training material provides detailed steps on how to set up the application in the specific production scenario considering the robot, the execution workflow, and the parts involved.

    The training material of this module also provides examples of how to properly setup and integrate the application to a specific production system, from the setup of the workspace in Unity to importing and connecting with an industrial robot. Moreover, detailed guidelines are provided for the execution phase giving instructions to the operator on how to calibrate and use the AR application during his/her interaction with the robot to receive visibility on the robot's executed and intended actions. Moreover, a walkthrough on the User Interface is provided including detailed instructions about the implemented virtual buttons and their functionalities.

  • Key Users/Stakeholder

    The training material addresses Manufacturing SMEs as well as Technology Providers and System Integrators.

  • Requirements

    The participant should be familiarized with industrial robots and have some basic ICT skills.

  • Training Part 1

  • Training Part 2, 3