Topic outline

  • Time: < 2h
    Language: English
    Access: Free
    Level: Intermediate

  • Introduction of the training

    This module refers to the safety architecture that has been implemented and includes all the safety-certified technologies used to ensure human safety inside the collaborative cell. The layout of the cell has been regulated in accordance with the implemented safety systems.

    Through the training for the Safety logic for the seamless HRC module, the participant will be exercised in designing safety zone arrangements, offline, suitable for any kind of workspace. Through specified documentation and presentations, the user will receive basic knowledge of safety systems and learn how to calculate the geometrical shapes of the Safety zones to be designed based on industrial safety standards and more specifically on ISO/TS 15066.

    The training material of this module includes examples of safer and more efficient Human-Robot interaction and the use of fenceless robotic cells. The course provides guidelines on hardware installation and safety zone design using a software tool, called SafetyEye Configurator. Participants get an opportunity to develop competencies in designing Safety zones based on the current industry safety standards. Last but not least, the participants develop competencies on how to reduce a job’s mean flow time by enabling more efficient human-robot collaboration and as a result, how to increase a factory’s productivity and efficiency.

  • Key Users / Stakeholders

    The training material addresses Manufacturing SMEs as well as Technology Providers and System Integrators.

  • Requirements

    The participant should be familiarized with industrial robots and have some basic ICT and electrical skills.

  • Training Part 1

  • Training Part 2, 3