Topic outline

  • Time: < 2h
    Language: English
    Access: Free
    Level: Intermediate

  • Introduction of the training

    The training material of a decision making algorithm enabling the dynamic reconfiguration of a human robot collaborative environment will be introduced below. 

    This algorithm will take under consideration any task planning issue of an assembly process and reduce the time and the size of the designing team required to make any modification to an existing assembly line. The proposed software may be integrated inside any human-robot collaborative scenario introducing new manufacturing solutions for the task planning and dynamic work re-organization.

    The main aim of this material is to introduce the basic knowledge about digital human simulation, workplace design, human process design and redesign in a human robot collaborative environment.

    The training material of this module will give the opportunity to the user to be exercised in the generation of a schedule based on a set of assignment. Also, he will be able to dynamically distribute the different activities that will be carried out to every relevant resource and be familiarized with a graphical modeling of a manufacturing process following the described breakdown of tasks, jobs etc.

    Through this training material, the user will learn about integrated manufacturing management tasks like planning, scheduling and evaluation of manufacturing processes and facilities. Also the user will be familiarized with the terms of factory’s productivity, efficiency and quality. 

  • Key Users / Stakeholders

    Manufacturing SMEs, Technology providers, System integrators

  • Requirements

    The participant should be familiarized with MongoDB, Criteria API, Java, C++ and ROS.

  • Training Part 1

  • Training Part 2, 3