Topic outline

  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are essential in production or IIoT environments. Mobile robots, edge devices, or Automated Guided Vehicles need to communicate. Such networks are prone to physical changes of the environment and cyber attacks. This use case simulates the WSN behaviour in a virtual IIoT infrastructure. 

    What will you learn from the lecture below:

    The Fraunhofer IWU developed a demonstrator in the course of the EU project TRINITY. The demonstrator’s aim is to increase robustness in simulation. The IWU developed an extensible and configurable discrete event simulator. The implementation of different simulation models realizes a simulation for wireless sensor networks in a 3D environment.

    General Information about the use case can be found on TRINITY Website

  • Web lecture

    This video gives a detailed insight into the demonstrator, explaining its purpose, technical functions and benefits.