Virtualisation of a robot cell with a real controller

Introduction of the Training:

The training covers basic the use of the virtualization of a robot cell with a real controller.


The virtual model acts as the manufacturing hardware of the system and can be used to accurately visualize/simulate ongoing production activities within   the   system. This   creates   a   safe   and   interactive   learning/training   environment for agile manufacturing.


In the first part of the lecture the audience will be will be familiarized to the MMS (Manufacturing Management Software) and introduced to the key principles of agile manufacturing and how the agile manufacturing cell functions. After the lecture the audience knows how to use the MMS UI, how to manage production data with the MMS and how an agile robot cell works in flexible batch manufacturing. The virtual robot cell acts as an interactive learning environment to visualize the events in production.


The second part of the lecture focuses on how the virtual model of the robot cell is constructed and controlled by the MMS. After the lecture the audience will learn how a modern 3D-visualization platform can be used as simulated production hardware.


Key Users/Stakeholder:

University/Research Institute/student, Manufacturing SME


Basic knowledge of modern manufacturing systems and concepts is necessary.

Introduction to the module

Training Part 1 –> Integrator version tutorial