UWB based indoor localization

Introduction of the Training:

The ultra-wide band (uwb) is a low power technology that has ability to penetrate walls and other physical interferences to radio signals unlike 802.11 and Bluetooh. This training will give an overview of this technology for indoor localization using Decawave DWM1000 hardware modules. The developed ROS package interfacing with the modules allows to get localization feedback.
The training will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the Decawave modules
  • Overview of UWB Technology and how it can be used for indoor
  • Localization
    Overview of ROS and how to use ROS packages
  • Overview of the developed UWB ROS Package
  • How to compile and use the developed ROS Package

Key Users/Stakeholder:

University/Research Institute/student, Manufacturing SME, Technology Provider/system integrators, End Users, Engineers/IT Personnel

Requirements: Basic Linux knowledge, Basic ROS knowledge

Introduction to the Module

Training part 1 -> Integrator version tutorial