Dynamic task planning & work re-organization

Material from the design and execution of this demonstration will become available here:

General Information about the Demonstrator can be found on TRINITY Website

This video is an introduction to online training material for TRINITY Use Case titled ‘Dynamic Task Planning & work re-organization’. 

This Use case suggests a multi criteria decision-making tool enabling the automatic generation of a workplace layout considering the task planning issues.

What will you learn from the lectures below:


This video introduces a Trinity use case that aims to support production designers during the manufacturing system design process and reduce the time and effort needed to apply a change in the existing line from the design team.



Web Lectures:

 Part 1 :

At part 1 of this set of web lectures you will attend

  • How our TRINITY solution contributes to agile manufacturing 
  • What are the benefits of this solution in Human-Robot Collaboration 
  • How could manufacturing companies benefit from this solution 
  • What kind of investments are required o And short conclusions