Artificial intelligence based stereo vision system for object detection, recognition, classification and pick-up by a robotic arm

Material from the design and execution of this demonstration will become available here:

General Information about the Demonstrator can be found on TRINITY Website

This video is an introduction to online training material for TRINITY Use Case titled ‘Artificial Intelligence based stereo vision system’ . This Use case presents a 3D and 2D computer vision solutions with AI and robotic systems for object detection, localization and classification.

What will you learn from the lectures below:


This video introduces a TRINITY use case focusing on enabling automation of industrial processes involving large number of different kind of objects with unpredictable positions.

Web Lectures:

 Part 1 :

At part 1 of this set of web lectures you will attend:

  • What are the benefits of our TRINITY solution and how it contributes to agile manufacturing
  • Implementation and application scenarios
  • What kind of investments are needed