Flexible automation for agile production

Material from the design and execution of this demonstration will become available here:

General Information about the Demonstrator can be found on TRINITY Website

This video is an introduction to online training material for TRINITY Use Case titled ‘Flexible Automation for agile production’ . This Use case’s aim is to increase agility in production. It resembles a low cost opportunity to perform an automated assembly of printed circuit boards with through-hole-technology components. 

What will you learn from the lectures below:


The Fraunhofer IWU developed a demonstrator in the course of the EU project TRINITY. The demonstrator’s aim is to increase agility in production. The IWU developed several training modules alongside the demonstrator to support user in the process of automating a workstation. The manual process of assembling printed circuit boards with THT components was partly automated with the demonstrator.

Web Lectures:

 Part 1 :

This video gives a detailed insight into the demonstrator, explaining its purpose, technical functions and benefits.