User-friendly human-robot collaborative tasks programming

Material from the design and execution of this demonstration will become available here:

General Information about the Demonstrator can be found on TRINITY Website

This video is an introduction to online training material for TRINITY Use Case titled ‘User- Friendly Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks Programming’ . This Use case presents a projector-based Human-Robot Interaction solution for more flexible human robot collaboration in industrial assembly applications.

What will you learn from the lectures below:


Part 1 demonstrates that assembly steps can be taught by an operator (instead of a programmer) to create/modify a robot application. 

The operator can program using a graphical interface or use speech to interact with the creation process. 

The operator can teach new trajectories to the robots using teach by demonstration, planner, vision. • Once an application has been created, the operator can further modify it to better achieve the desired goal.

Web Lectures:

 Part 1 :

At part 1 of this set of web lectures you will attend…