Robotized serving of automated warehouse

Material from the design and execution of this demonstration will become available here:

General Information about the Demonstrator can be found on TRINITY Website

This video is an introduction to online training material for TRINITY Use Case titled ‘Robotized Serving of Automated Warehouse’. This demonstration’s aim is to increase agility in production. This demonstration is a fully functional, scaled-down, table-top model of an automated warehouse served by an omnidirectional mobile robot.

What will you learn from the lectures below:


This video introduces a a fully functional, scaled down, table-top model of an automated warehouse served by an omnidirectional mobile robot to be used as an attraction in exhibitions.

Web Lectures:

 Part 1 :

At part 1 of this set of web lectures you will attend

  • How our TRINITY solution contributes to agile manufacturing 
  • What are the benefits of this solution in Human-Robot Collaboration 
  • How could manufacturing companies benefit from this solution 
  • What kind of investments are required o And short conclusions