Simulation Welding

Introduction of the Training:

The main functionality of the module is to use a simulation software to program a welding path by creating a connection between the simulation software (Visual Components), the industrial robot and rotary table (KUKA).
These training videos will showcase how to use a simulation software for programming of a welding robot, and then conduct actual welding task.


The key learnings from this module are:  

  • How to program robotic welding with a simulation software
  • How to transfer the program over to the physical robot
  • Programming of a welding robot with a rotary table

The user will develop skills in:   

  • Using simulation software
  • Robot programming and control

Key Users/Stakeholder: 

– University/Research Institute/student, Manufacturing SMEs, Developers


The user should be familiar with:

  • Simulation software in this case Visual Components
  • Beneficial to have experience with the OPC UA server
  • Some experience with robot control with an external computer


Training Part 1 –> Tutorial