KMR External Module

Training 1: KUKA KMR Platform Introduction and Functionalities


The goal of this training is to introduce KUKA KMR platform and how it can be used. The first training will focus Hardware setup, Sunrise environment (KUKA programming environment) setup and overview of the KMR functionalities

This training will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the KUKA KMR and IIWA platform
  • Set up the KUKA KMR for operation (Mapping & Navigation) and configuration of the map
  • KUKA Sunrise Environment
  • Using Sunrise Controller for applications
  • Overview of the different functionalities
  • KMR Motion Class 
  • Basic application using Sunrise Controller

After this training you will have a better understanding of KUKA


Key Users/Stakeholder:

University/Research Institute/student, Manufacturing SME, Technology Provider/system integrators, End Users, Engineers/IT Personnel

Requirements: Basic Java knowledge, Basic Robotics knowledge

Introduction to the Module

Training Part 1 –> Integrator version tutorial