Learn more about the design and the execution of TRINITY Indernal Demonstrators.

18 internal use case demonstrations to demonstrate novel robot technologies that can contribute to increase the agility of production processes in industrially relevant environment .

Use Case 1: Collaborative assembly with vision-based safety system


Use Case 2: Collaborative disassembly with augmented reality interaction

Use Case 3: Collaborative robotics in large scale assembly, material handling and processing

Use Case 4: Integrating digital context (e.g. BIM) to the digital twin with AR/VR of the robotized production

Use Case 5: Wire arc additive manufacturing with industrial robots

Use Case 6: Production flow simulation/supervision

Use Case 7: Robot workcell reconfiguration

Use Case 8: Efficient programming of robot tasks by human demonstration

Use Case 9: Dynamic task planning & work re-organization

Use Case 10: HRI framework for operator support application in human robot collaborative operations

Use Case 11: Robotized serving of automated warehouse

Use Case 12: User-friendly human-robot collaborative tasks programming

Use Case 13: Deployment of mobile robots in collaborative work cell for assembly of product variants

Use case 14: Virtualization of a robot cell with a real controller

Use Case 15: IIoT Robustness Simulation

Use Case 16: Flexible automation for agile production


Use Case 17: Artificial intelligence based stereo vision system for object detection, recognition, classification and pick-up by a robotic arm

Use Case 18: Rapid development, testing and validation of large scale wireless sensor networks for production environment