Hardware & software interface for robot programming by manual guidance

Introduction of the Training:

The  module  for  robot  programming  by  manual  guidance  enables  fast  and  intuitive  programming of new robot tasks without using traditional robot programming systems.  With manual guidance, called kinesthetic teaching, the operator physically guides the robot through the desired robot configurations and movements in order to program a sequence of robot movements that lead to a successful task execution.  Manual guidance can be used for the programming of point-to-point movements or whole movements (trajectories).  The general overview of the approach and the required prerequisites are given.  Hardware and software components of the module are presented, while instructions on using the graphical user interface are also given.

Key Users/Stakeholder:

This training is intended for participants from an industrial background. The participants want to use manual guidance to adapt existing or program new robot movements.


Robots with gravity compensation, the Helping Hand software (open-source package under a three-clause BSD license), ROS compatible PC.

Introduction to the module

Training Part 1 –> Integrator version tutorial