Digital Design Content Based Robot Trajectory Generation

Introduction of the Training:

This module presents one way of integrating data necessary for robotized production into design data at very early phase of design. By integrating data necessary for robot programming into product data at design phase it is possible to shorten from design to product time. During this training we will cover how to insert robot programming data into digital design data, how to utilize this information in robot programming and how to utilize this information in AVR-experience. Training is divided into following topics:


1) Introduction to topic
2) Integrating trajectory data into 3d-model
3) Exporting data to robot simulation software
4) Generating trajectories for robot

5) Possibilities of utilizing data in AVR-experience(TBD)


By the end of this training participant will gain basic knowledge of integrating robot programming data into 3d-model and creation of  robot trajectories utilizing this data.
Furthermore participants will gain knowledge of possibilities how to utilize this information in AVR-experience.


Key Users/Stakeholder:



SolidWorks- and RoboDK-software

Introduction to the module

Training Part 1 –> Integrator version tutorial

Training Part 2 –> Production Manager version tutorial

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